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Tips for planning a successful AdWords campaign that converts

Google AdWords is a very powerful marketing tool for creating successful campaigns online to enhance your business goals. With AdWords, you can run extremely cost-effective, highly-targeted campaigns that convert.

This may seem a bit intimidating to a small online business marketer or for anyone who’s new to the game. But, with some careful planning, there’s no need to worry. Here are some fundamental questions you need to ask yourself that will help you make your marketing efforts a wild success.

1. Who is my target audience?

If you’re running highly-targeted marketing campaigns then it’s crucial that you know exactly who your customers are and how to reach them. Outline some of the key demographics of your audience to help you pinpoint your target:

• Are they individuals, groups, or businesses?
• Are they a local target market?
• What do they know about your products or services?
• Are they likely to search for you from a desktop or on mobile?
• What do they need from you?

2. How can you solve the problems of your target audience?

Just like any successful marketing campaign, you must solve a problem or supply a need. Consider the following questions regarding your marketing campaign:

• How is your business different or unique from your competitors?
• What are you currently offering in order to get your potential customers to click on your ad?
• What are your major USP (unique selling points)?

3. What is your audience looking for?

Basically, Google AdWords is considered intent marketing. When people are looking for what you’re offering they’re literally seeing your brand or business. As a result, your keywords and phrases are the most important element of your entire AdWords campaign. Because of them, your ads are sorted out using the algorithms on Google.

4. What are your primary goals of your ad campaigns?

What results or objectives are you trying to reach from using your ad campaigns? Make a list or outline the objectives of your campaign. What do you want or need?

• Lead generation
• Online sales conversions
• More coupon participants
• Increased traffic to your website
• More foot traffic

The more you know exactly what you need and want from your paid marketing ads, the better your overall results.

5. What do you want your potential customer to do?

Figure out what you want your potential customer to do once they see your particular ad. Essentially, this will depend on your primary business objectives for your marketing campaign, but more specifically what key actions you want them to perform when they view your ad.

6. What would you like your interested viewer to do?

• Purchase one of your products
• ‘Like’ your Facebook page
• Make an online reservation
• Call you or contact you via the Web
• Click through to your conversion page or coupon landing page

7. How can you encourage your potential customer to take action?

Now that you have an interested customer, how are you going to prompt them to take the specific action that you want them to? An effective ‘call to action’ (CTA) is simple, actionable, and preferably short. Also, in order to optimize landing page for best results, it may be in your best interest to use a landing page optimizer to increase your results as well.

Elements of a Highly Successful Conversion Page

You’re getting relatively good traffic to your site, but for whatever reason, there’s not many conversions overall. But, does your conversion page have the following elements? Follow these tips for increasing your conversion rates.

• Be sure your CTA is prominently displayed at least once.
• Use obvious visual cues to draw the eye to your CTA.

Keep in mind that by measuring your results, you can test different variations of your ad, optimize them accordingly, and therefore keep increasing conversion rates.

This article comes from the writing team at Constant Clicks, a Brisbane-based digital marketing team who helps SME’s increase the effectiveness of their online marketing channels by creating a unique Google AdWords & SEO strategy combined with an effective website strategy.

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