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Tell people who you are on social media

Once you set up your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, what do you do? Tell people about it! Shout it from the rooftops. It makes it so much easier for people to follow you on social media if you tell them your addresses, or even better, add links to your marketing material so they can easily follow you.

Telling people outside of social media

There are a number of ways you can promote where you are on social media externally. The most effective include your business cards, email signature, website and newsletter.


Your organisation’s newsletter is sent out to people who have subscribed to read what you or your team has to say on a regular basis. If they follow you via social media they can keep up with your latest news and ideas in real-time.

Use your newsletter to direct your subscribers to your Facebook page and keep them interested with updates of anything exciting happening on your social media.

For instance, when we run competitions on Twitter or Facebook, we use our newsletter to promote it to our subscribers. If you let people know they have a chance to win a prize by simply following your business on social media, there is more chance they’ll engage with you online.

Business cards

Your business card tells people who you are, where you are and how you can be contacted. This is the perfect way to let people know how to reach you on social media. Include your Twitter, Facebook, blog and LinkedIn addresses alongside the usual details that go on a business card.

Email signature

Think how big your social media following would be if every person you emailed followed you – give them the opportunity to. Include a link to all your social media locations in your email signature. With links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account that can simply be clicked on, it becomes easy for people to follow you.


Websites are usually the first thing people look for when they search for your organisation online. Embed links into your website to all your social media locations.  There are different logo buttons available for each social media outlet that you can include on your website making these links obvious and easy to find. Look for the blue letter T or little bird button for Twitter, they are popping up on websites everywhere.

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