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The benefits of adding QR codes to your marketing mix

Quick Response codes, which are better known as QR codes, have started to spring up everywhere. Whether or not you have noticed them, they are appearing with more frequency on business cards, shop windows and product packaging. QR codes are surprisingly easy to set up and can benefit your business in a number of simple and useful ways.

How do they work?

QR codes are two dimensional barcodes which are designed to be scanned by smartphones. Although QR codes have actually been around for a while, the increasing use of smartphones and the wide range of scanner apps now available have meant that they have recently really started to take off as they are accessible to more people. When someone scans a QR code on their phone it can take them to the site of your choosing, which could be your business website, Facebook page or even an online shopping cart.

What are the benefits?

There are plenty of marketing benefits that can come with using QR codes, including the ability to streamline the sales process, to engage with time-poor consumers in a way that makes it easy for them to shop and increases direct sales. QR codes can take people directly to a map of your business location, your LinkedIn profile, product information pages or even a specifically designed page with competitions or promotions. Giving customers the chance to interact with your product and/or purchase it or related items instantly, might dramatically increase your sales, boost your social media profile and much more. Best of all, you can generate QR codes at no cost through a number of sites.

How to use QR codes

Want to use QR codes but stuck for ideas? Here are five you might like to consider:

  • Put one on your business card to take users to your website, LinkedIn profile or to show your location on Google maps.
  • As a way to build up an email list, why not have a QR code for users to enter a competition? When they scan the code, it can lead them directly to a landing page where they can enter their contact details.
  • Add a QR code to product packaging which takes users directly to your Facebook page, so that they can ‘like’ your product.
  • Place a QR code on your retail display, packaging or print advertising which directs users to a product page so they can purchase immediately.
  • Use a QR code to direct users to an informational YouTube demonstration clip.

There are so many different ways you can use QR codes to help your business, and the more creative the better. Take advantage of ever-improving scanning technology and the popularity of smartphones to help quickly engage your customers and spread the word about your product or service. QR codes could also improve your Facebook likes, increase your direct sales and give people a reason to visit your site and leave their details.

There’s every possibility that QR codes are going to become commonplace very soon. So, can you afford not to use QR codes?

What do you think?

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Jo Macdermott

Jo Macdermott

<a href="http://au.linkedin.com/in/jomacdermott">Jo Macdermott</a> is the Chief Marketing Consultant at <a href="http://www.nextmarketing.com.au/">Next Marketing</a> in Melbourne. She has 15 years of marketing experience, is a Certified Practising Marketer and is a sought after marketing media commentator. Jo specialises in working with small and medium businesses. Follow her on <a href="https://twitter.com/NextMarketingAU">Twitter here</a>.

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