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Six ways to create an eNewsletter that works

How often do you hit ‘delete’ on an email newsletter that pops into your already crowded inbox?  That’s exactly right, me too, probably seven out of 10 times. Now that’s really bad news for people sending out email newsletters. In fact, a lot of newsletters get less than a 20 percent opening rate, which means only every fifth person is even opening a newsletter.

The good news is that there are a few tips and tricks that can change those statistics in an instant:

1. It’s all about the subject line. Your newsletter subject line has a huge impact on the opening rate of an eNewsletter. The more personal and intriguing, the higher the opening rate (the more ‘salesy’, the smaller the opening rate). If you are using a CRM (customer relationship management system), which I suggest you do, you can split test different subject lines and find out what works best.

A little hot tip: Putting the recipient’s first name in the subject line will most likely increase your open rate.

2. Quality over quantity: Make sure your newsletters are stacked with valuable information. Don’t try to sell stuff all the time or people will opt out of your database. This one is so important and so easily overlooked. Provide value and you will not only create a great reputation but also increase your leads.

3. Short and Sweet: We live in a very busy and information rich world and most people do not have (or take!) the time to read a long newsletter, especially if it’s filled with sales pitches. If you keep them short, sweet and full of value, your audience will get used to that and open your newsletter.

4. It’s all about THEM: I know, you just love seeing your business branding everywhere, but unless you have a widely recognisable brand, do not overload your newsletter with massive branding or it will look like a sales letter not a newsletter. You do want your branding in there, but it does not have to take up half a page. People care about what’s in it for them, so don’t waste the most important space (at the top) with your branding.

5. Make it personal: This one goes hand it hand with the previous point. Make your email newsletters more personal. Speak to your recipients as if speaking to one person. So instead of saying ‘Hi everyone’ or ‘how is everyone?’ say ‘Hi <first name>, I trust you are well…’  Don’t be shy to add a little personal story so they can connect with you as a person. People connect with people and they do want to know what you’ve been up to (just keep it brief).

A PS: at the bottom of your message actually does get read! So make sure you use a PS or two if you’ve got something important to say.

PS: I know you love video tips, so click here to ‘watch’ the above tips explained in more detail. Enjoy!

What’s your favourite newsletter tip? Please leave a comment below.

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Franziska Iseli-Hall

Franziska Iseli-Hall

Franziska Iseli-Hall is a marketing strategist, speaker, author and the founder of Basic Bananas – Small Business Marketing Made Simple. She's passionate about helping small business owners grow their businesses through innovative, sustainable and proven marketing strategies. Franziska is on a mission to help small business owners grow their business, live the life of their dreams and give back to community. Her success is in her clients’ results.

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