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So, you’ve decided it’s time to take your business, product or service to the next level and enlist the assistance of a PR company.

You have identified all the factors you need before starting a PR campaign including understanding:

  • What are your PR goals?
  • Are these goals measurable? And if so, how will you measure them?
  • Do you have a criterion for success?

Once you have determined this, it’s time to start looking for an agency that’s the right fit for you. But where to start? Fashion, tech, boutique or large and well known?

Here are my tips on what to look out for when choosing a PR agency:

  1. Experience:  Be sure to check out any PR company’s website before you meet with them. Here you can find information on the campaigns they have worked on, clients they are currently working with and what they specialise in.
  2. Core Services: Find out what services the company offers and if this is a good fit for what you are looking to achieve. This could range from online PR strategy, media training, media relations or events. Ensure the company you choose offers the core services you need for your campaign.
  3. Results: It’s important to know what results a PR company has achieved for campaigns they have worked on. Try Googling their current client list to see what press coverage comes up. Feel free to request references from past clients, in most cases a PR company will be more than happy to give this to you.  If they are reluctant, this might tell you to stay away!
  4. Personality Fit: When working with your agency, it should be a solid business partnership with a lot of communication exchange. Therefore, you should always try to imagine working with the team, and ask yourself whether you like them, and feel they share similar business values.  Also, don’t forget to ask who will be servicing you before you even sign on the dotted line.

Finally, before arranging a meeting with any PR company be armed with a solid list of questions. Some PR practitioners will offer potential new business prospects the sun, moon and stars to secure your account. If it sounds like it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

If you do your homework you will find the perfect agency that will be able to meet all your PR needs and exceed your expectations!

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Sharon Zeev Poole

Sharon Zeev Poole

Sharon Zeev Poole is the Founder and Director of highly regarded boutique PR and communications agency Agent99 PR. The agency specialises in launching or relaunching brands in the food, beverage and lifestyle spaces, as well as working with corporate clients, thought leaders and authors to raise their profile.

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