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Six powerful marketing videos to grow your business

If a picture tells a thousand words then video is….priceless! Here are six of the most powerful and effective marketing videos that have been proven to create a steady stream of leads and profitable sales for business just like yours.

1: Promotional Video

The Promotional Video is the most common and powerful video and is typically on the homepage of your website. If you only make one video then this is the one that most people will make. A Promotional Video is a fantastic opportunity to present your Unique Selling Proposition/position, commonly referred to as your USP.

Often the first contact a customer has with your business is your website’s homepage. Ninety per cent of customers who land on your site will prefer to watch your video rather than read text.

The key to making your promotional video successful is to engage your audience and this can be done with a story. Let them know who you are, and how you best serve your customers.

Consider this message as coming from a customer’s perspective and avoid the words, me, mine, I and we – it’s not about you! By simply focusing on how your customers benefit from your product or service you will increase your promotional videos effectiveness. The Promotional Video can be quite broad and gives your customers a general overview.

2: Products and Service Video

In this video it is important to start to drill down and provide greater specific information about the benefits of your product and service.

The success of this video is largely determined by how well you can communicate the “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) information. Again, approach this video from your customer’s perspective. It is very common for us, as experts in our field, to over complicate information. Keep your video as simple as possible and focus on the benefits rather than what your products or services are.

3: About Us (Actually about YOU)

The About Us video is actually not ‘about us’ at all but is about YOU, the customer! The trick with a successful About Us Video is to focus 100% on reinforcing and clearly demonstrating your USP.

It is important to move as far away as possible from talking about yourself and focus instead on the benefits your valued customers receive when they do business with you.

Typically a website will have an About Us page that is full of text and only talks about themselves – what a waste of time! If your competitors are doing this then you are in luck and I encourage you to start working on your About Us video right away!

4: Testimonial Video

We all know that testimonials are valuable and they do help potential buyers know that you’re a safe, reliable and trusted business.

However, what we’ve seen to date is mainly text-based testimonials, sometimes with a photograph, which makes them a little bit more believable, but most people these days are quite sceptical about the authenticity of these testimonials.

If you replace these with live people video testimonials then it’s going to be extremely powerful for you. Your customers are far more likely to believe these testimonials and see them as valued sources of information and positively impact on their buying decision.

5: Social Video

Have you noticed a steady increase in video content on popular social media sites? 2015 is considered by many to be the year of social video so it’s a good time to take advantage of this trend.

For example, Facebook are rapidly growing their video capabilities. “Since June 2014 there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook every day.” [source: newsroom.fb.com]

With the auto play feature, videos are now even more engaging. You could consider Facebook video ads, publishing videos to engage your fans or perhaps even generating user generated content by running online competitions.

6: Video Email

The statistics around video emails are compelling. For example, simply using the word video in an email subject line can boost open rates by 18.5%, click through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.

Instead of sending a lengthy sales email in response to an inquiry, you can send a single video or a series of informative videos that add value and position yourself as somebody your new lead would like to do business with.

It is likely that very few of your competitors are investing in video emails and by doing so yourself, you will stand out and your customers will see you as innovative.

Even if you only choose one of these six profit boosting video strategies and apply it to your own business you will stand out from your competition. Of course, I would encourage you to apply all six videos for accelerated results.


About the Author:

Marcus Seeger is the Managing Director of video marketing and production agency, Video Experts. He is also the #1 Amazon bestselling author of “Video Marketing for Profit; 14 Proven Strategies for Accelerated Business Growth”. Details on Marcus’s book and new video marketing podcast can be found at www.videomarketingforprofit.com.au.

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