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Eight customer service sins to avoid

In a recent customer service survey, United Airlines came in dead last. Here’s why – and how not to suffer the same fate.

I’m not sure if it’s arrogance or ignorance, but United Airlines almost seems proud to be the airline known for the worst customer service in the industry.

In the most recent survey of airline customer service conducted by the American Customer Service Index, United came in dead last. (Jet Blue and Southwest came in first and second, respectively.) And my own anecdotal and unscientific experience flying United recently confirmed it. But this isn’t just another travel rant. Since Inc. is all about teaching businesses how to better serve their clients and customers (while being as profitable as possible), I’d like to use my run-in with the company as a case study in how not to treat customers when business goes awry.

This month, I flew from Newark to Istanbul. To be fair, that leg of the flight was uneventful. The flight home, though was a completely different story.

Mistake #1: Go incommunicado. 

After an initial delay that was no fault of United’s, we finally boarded the plane nearly an hour late.

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