Be prepared to be measured

Many companies are feeling the strain of current economic conditions. This strain often increases pressure on the “selling part” of a business. Business owners are looking for innovations from the sales team to “find” the revenue. The trouble is enthusiasm for new innovations is often low when working in tough times – it’s just a push to “find the deals”. Planning for and executing best practices or innovations goes by the wayside.

So, articulating the benefits of a proposition is a key skill. It’s not enough to say “here’s a great CRM tool, where can we make it fit?” It is all about proving where software can make a difference – in terms that really matter:

  • increasing revenue,
  • avoiding costs,
  • or improving service
  • Returns that can be shown to be objective, detailed and quantifiable.

Now, more than ever, is the time to be measurable. How do you make sure you think in terms of benefits?

Where to start? Understand the current processes in a company. How long do typical activities take to complete? How many steps and people are involved? What does that add up to in time (and money)? How can they be improved – looking not just at direct costs but also the risks of lost or incorrect steps along the way.

Now think about CRM tools and how they can improve upon the current situation. What is that worth to a buyer – in terms that really matter – Increasing Revenue, Avoiding Costs or Improving Service?

Shape your conversations to those discussions. Talk about the returns, the money saved or the value created. The return that will “keep on giving” each & every day. Show a tangible return on investment, with real savings that can be measured in months, not years. Help the company commit to a well defined project that demonstrates tangible improvements to current processes. And be sure to engage the “selling part” of the business – find a group of salespeople willing to innovate to achieve for themselves and ultimately, their company.

Be prepared to be measured.

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