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The four fundamentals of a great blog post

Blogging is a different kind of writing and although it can be informative, it usually provides a platform for discussion and opinions that allows a two-way communication structure. This can be significant for businesses that want to directly communicate with their customers.

If you currently write a blog or are about to start one, there are some essential guidelines that if followed could make your blog more readable and therefore more appealing. In the long term, this possibly could represent a broader audience.

1. Write Less

The web is not a medium where more is better. People don’t read while online, they scan and take the information they want and need. A blog, therefore, needs to fit in with this. Keep it short and clear with a snazzy headline that will grab the reader.

2. Make your Blog Post Easy to Read

Use sub-headings, bullet points or lists to make your blog more readable by using these as breaks in the post. These are all great ways to break up text and make it simpler for the reader to navigate. Keep sentences short without trying to have too much information all in one go. As you develop your blog writing, choose a style and stick to it. People love consistency.

3. Link your Blog

The benefits of a blog besides the content you write are the links to other web pages. It is important, therefore, that your blog post has links. In theory, it is the blogosphere that will make your blog successful not the actual individual blog. If you link to other posts this will get noticed and people will reciprocate by linking your blog. As this occurs additional people will have access to your blog and it should increase your web traffic.

4. Keywords

People search online for content they are interested in. As a result, it is vital that you give some thought to some keywords that you can use throughout your blog post. However, first write the post and then incorporate the key words as it will likely be better written and make more sense. These key words can be included in the headings or sub headings as well as strategically placed throughout the post.

Finally, before publishing your blog post don’t forget to check it for grammar. There is nothing worse than reading something that is full of spelling mistakes or doesn’t make sense. Proofreading is part of the blogging process so check for mistakes before posting.

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Anna Cairo

Anna Cairo

Anna is a social media communications expert. She supports businesses to increase their online presence through social media. Additionally, she also educates businesses around the impacts social media creates in the workplace and how to minimise these risks. She is a writer, researcher and author writing for diverse audiences on a range of topics. Further, she conducts workshops, presentations and is regularly asked to speak to lawyers around social media risk. Anna was recently nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2013. You can join Anna on <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anna-Cairo-Consulting/285887488090944">Facebook</a> or visit <a href="http://www.annacairo.com">www.annacairo.com</a>.

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