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How to keep an online audience engaged

Don’t worry, you’re not alone: It can be incredibly difficult to keep an online audience engaged and interested for an extended period of time.

It can also be quite distracting and discouraging to see your attendees drop off one by one as you get halfway through presenting your webinar!

So what can you do to ensure that your online audience remains active and interested throughout your next webinar? Here are some tips that will be sure to prevent your attendees from exiting through the front door:

Ask them to do something

We’ve said it all before and we’ll say it all again – interactivity is the key to engaging your online audience. Consider asking your audience to do something such as imagining a scenario or writing something down. This will get them active and make them feel like they are playing a crucial role in your presentation.

“What is the meaning of life?”

Rhetorical questions are great in helping to create the sense of a conversation taking place between you and your audience. Think of a few questions that are relevant to your presentation and that will get people thinking.

How fast do you speak?

There aren’t that many of us that actually like listening to the sound of our own voice. However, listening to a recording of yourself will allow you to identify what speed you speak at and then rectify it accordingly. Listen out for when you do or don’t pause and consider taking a break every now and then. You might be surprised at how a simple technique like this can improve your entire performance.

Start early…

The week leading up to your webinar is the perfect time to start getting to know your audience. Consider using this period to poll them and ask what they want to know more about. This will break the ice, help tailor your content and make your attendees feel like they are really part of it.

Relax and keep it… relaxed!

Keep the formalities and suits for the boardroom and… relax. There’s no need to speak in a formal tone and you may risk coming across as a little stiff or less entertaining. Remember, speak to people how you would wish to be spoken to.

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Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs is an expert in conferencing technology and services. In 2007, he moved to Sydney with his family and established <a href="http://www.redbackconferencing.com.au/">Redback Conferencing</a>, a web, video and teleconferencing specialist provider.

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