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Yahoo7 has today unveiled its new advertising platform, a native in-feed advertising solution that offers advertisers creative assets similar to those used in paid social and search advertising.

Native advertisements across the Yahoo! and Yahoo7 network are on offer, which will see companies able to promote products and services on web locations like the Yahoo homepage, Tumblr, email service and finance section, across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Yahoo7 launched the platform after a successful beta phase and have announced that over 200 Australian brands are already on board. Woolworths, Microsoft Device Group, and TFE are among those businesses Yahoo7 claims are already embracing the Native ad offering.

The platform is able to automate the visual design of advertisements, which will then run through an algorithm that ensures ads appear according to a user’s online habits and engagement rhythm.

Yahoo7 sales director, Programmatic, Audience and Native Ads, Ben Green said Native Ads will offer advertisers a “simple yet highly effective” way to expand content and drive performance.

“We have been getting great feedback so far from our advertisers who are often seeing results outperform other biddable media channels, including paid search and social,” Mr Green said.

“For example, one major FMCG brand found Yahoo7 native ads were 307 per cent more efficient in amplifying content compared to traditional display ads.”

iProspect, the agency working with Yahoo7 since Native Ads’ beta launch, claims that the platform offers advertisers more value for money compared to other channels.

“iProspect has worked closely with Yahoo7 since the launch of Native Ads and, through this partnership, our clients have seen amazing results with uplifts in ROI and engagement across highly competitive channels such as Travel, Performance Display and Technology when compared to other performance channels such as paid search and social,” iProspect National Managing Director Dan Kalinski said.

“We look forward to testing the exciting new formats and targeting features Yahoo7’s Native platform has to offer this year.”

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