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Vanity keywords: A useless SEM strategy

Ranking for vanity keywords simply doesn’t achieve the same marketing ROI as a long-tail approach. Here’s why the practice should be put to rest.

How many times have you thought something like, “Why aren’t WE No. 1 for [insert vanity keyword here]’? Many marketing leaders and troops on the ground already understand that ranking for vanity keywords simply doesn’t achieve the same marketing ROI. Here’s why the practice of measuring vanity rankings should be put to rest for eternity.

1. Personalisation

Due to personalisation, ranking No. 1 on any keyword for every search engine user just isn’t possible anymore. Historically, search engines only used a combination of links and on-page factors that resulted in a very specific search engine ranking. This antiquated practice has been replaced by robust decision engines that take into account a number of variables unique to each individual user, including time, location, web history, bounce rates, time on site and personal social network connections. All of these variables are calculated for each individual user prior to delivering search results, which has caused the large variation in search engine ranking positions that we see today.

So, how do you fill in the gaps between personalised results and gain exposure in organic search results? Today, this can only be achieved through a long-tail search strategy focused on digital relevancy. Being digitally relevant means that your organisation is a thought leader that creates and shares great content on a regular basis. A strategy focused on ranking for a few vanity keywords is a narrow strategy that will ostracize the majority of search engine users.

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