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On social media? get real or die

For companies on social media, brand trust is the new economic currency. Fake it at your own peril.

The topic of authenticity in today’s social media age fascinates me. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll find I frequently pose questions about determining authenticity (more on my informal findings in a bit). I have a heightened sense of awareness thanks to articles I wrote on the importance of customer service and best practices for customer reviews. So when I heard about a new book by Bob Garfield and Doug Levy, “Can’t Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results,” I leaped at the chance to do an interview with Garfield.

We’re Against Sock Puppetry

If you haven’t ever read something from Bob Garfield or heard him speak, to say he doesn’t mince words is an understatement. He began our conversation by laying out the premise of his book: “Anything that’s sock-puppetry, clandestine, phony, false or subterfuge, we are against.”

His rationale is simple: People aren’t stupid. If a company tries to exploit social media artificially, they’ll eventually be caught and exposed publicly. The consequences could stain their reputation forever.

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