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10 dumb sales tactics to avoid

These big mistakes seem to be shockingly common. Make sure you’re not guilty of any of them. 

In the year or so since I’ve been writing for Inc.com, I’ve received several hundred emails from readers asking for assistance and advice. From this experience, I’ve observed that the following 10 basic selling errors are surprisingly common.

1. Answering Objections the Customer Hasn’t Surfaced

Though it’s a good idea to anticipate objections that the customer might have and prepare reasonable answers to them, it’s a horrible idea to surface those objections yourself – because you’ve just created an issue that probably didn’t exist. Explaining away something preemptively can also make you seem defensive and unsure of the real value of your offering.

Fix: Never start any sentence with “You may be wondering…” or “Perhaps you’re asking yourself…”

2. Leaving the ‘Next Step’ to the Customer

I’ve read dozens of so-called sales letters and sales emails that end with a suggestion that the customer should call or contact the seller “if you’re interested” or “in order to learn more.” The people who send these letters always complain that they don’t get any responses.

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