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How to market yourself through social media

Most people have for long seen social media as a platform for fun, chatting and catching up with friends. Looking at the brighter side of it, there is a lot that business people can benefit when it comes to marketing their brands.

The most popular social networking sites include: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+ and LinkedIn, just to mention a few. Each of these sites offers a platform where investors and companies can make their brands popular; hence attract better sales in the future.

Marketing Yourself Through Social Media

  • Develop connections: The first step in making your brand famous and popular to the public is by increasing your outreach in terms of friends and followers on social sites. The more followers you have on any given social site the more popular your product or service will be. You can do this by creating your own group to explain what you offer, following and joining groups that share the same interest and also adding more friends.
  • Keep your page or group updated: To make your page or group more interesting and engaging, it is important that you consider updating information every now and then. You should also consider entertaining articles that will make people visit your page more often. Articles that create a platform for clients to comment or discuss are more advisable to post.
  • Time management: In most instances, successful social media campaigns are time intensive. This means that you need to spend more time on your computer, giving updates and also answering questions from interested clients. If this may not work and you realize that it is eating into your time, you can consider hiring someone who is well versed with your business or company objectives. You have to ensure that the person you employ is following your interests when providing the updates.

Social Media for Freelancers

Most freelancers work on a small budget; meaning that social media is the most ideal platform for their marketing needs. For a freelancer, you must avoid being all about the sales, but rather focus on making your page more interesting through things like guest blogging. This is a method where you feature blogs or links from other freelancers in the same field.

Making use of important features such as the Who’s viewed My Profile” can help you easily identify your target audience. You can add these people as your friends and make sure that they get information about your product every now and then through your posts.

Most people do their research online to know what product is more popular and effective. Social media for small business is, therefore, more effective for those who are still in their initial stages of getting their companies up and running.

Public relations play an important role of creating a wide market for a new product or service. The response you give to your followers will determine whether they will gain interest in what you are offering. Politeness in communication is, therefore, a vital component of social media marketing.

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