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Why social media is nothing without creativity

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are overrun with brands trying to get consumers’ attention. So what do you do? Get crafty, that’s what.

Gone are the days when you had 300 followers on Twitter and 100 of them clicked a link you posted. Now, you’d be lucky to get five clicks.

The landscape of social media has drastically changed in the past three years. Websites that began as powerful platforms to spread information have turned into streams congested with marketing jargon, discounts, deals and people’s shower schedules. Social media has transformed from an efficient and inexpensive way to use the power of word of mouth, to a virtual mess of a garage sale. But I still think social media is awesome.

Why? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are completely free services that you can sign up for and use to foster a community of passionate fans and customers. But what people – business owners, especially – need to do when using social media is to think outside the box, and create content that’s worthy of sharing.

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