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Two web metrics every entrepreneur should know

What do visitors really do when they come to your website? These two metrics will tell you.

Dear Jeff,

My Web guys keep touting things like “desired action percentage” and “visitor engagement degree” whenever I question the performance of our website. Do I care about those things or are they just blowing smoke?

Name withheld by request

Any provider that consistently uses terms you don’t understand to describe what they do–or what you are getting from them–is probably doing what an old boss of mine called “hiding behind the technology.” That’s been my experience, at least. So let’s take a look at those two metrics and see.

Desired Action Percentage (DAP) is basically the same as conversion rate. The formula is DAP = visitors who execute the desired action / total visitors. So, let’s say the goal of an individual page is to get visitors to sign up for your free newsletter. Twenty thousand people visit the page, 500 sign up for the newsletter.

500/20,000 = .025

Your DAP, or conversion rate, is 2.5 percent. Is that good? The answer depends on several factors.

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