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Social media ‘shares’ drive online commerce

Sharing events via Facebook continues to generate more revenue than any other platform, but Twitter is driving more event-page traffic, according to the latest social commerce report.

The report, by ticketing platform Eventbrite, tracked the revenue and traffic benefits of social media ‘shares’ using two measures: the amount of additional traffic generated by each act of sharing (visits per share) and the average value of the additional dollars sold as a result of this link (dollars per share).

Links shared via social media have increasingly generated revenue, the report found, with the ‘dollars per share’ having almost doubled since 2010.

This increase has largely come from Facebook shares, which continue to generate more revenue from ticket sales ($4.15 per share) than any other platform.

Twitter has rapidly grown as a source of revenue, however, with a 330 percent increase in ‘dollars per share’ since 2010.

Online event-page traffic has also increased, on average, from 7 to 17 visits per share. The report found that Twitter links inspire the highest number of visits per share, with each tweet driving 33 visits back to the Eventbrite page.

Facebook and LinkedIn generated slightly lower levels of event-page traffic, with each link driving 14 and 10 visits to respectively.

These social media transactions have proliferated globally, however, the report found varying levels of adoption and engagement across different countries.

Italy shares the highest number of events via social media (14 percent), with share rates that double those of Australia and Ireland. However, social media users in Ireland have the greatest impact, with Facebook links driving an average of $10.37 in additional ticket sales.

The report also found higher levels of engagement from UK users: for every time someone in the UK shares an Eventbrite event on Facebook, 22 of their friends and contacts click on the link.


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Carly McKenna

Carly McKenna

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