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As more and more marketing opportunities become available to businesses both online and offline, it can be a difficult task to track if your budget is being spent wisely.

While it’s easy to see how many hits your website receives or how many people are clicking on your Facebook ad, how do you know if that is translating into sales?

Through call tracking, which is a simple way to see how many customers are calling and why they have decided to pick up the phone.

Call tracking can be an invaluable resource for businesses who want to measure their marketing performance to improve sales. Instead of wasting hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars on an underperforming campaign you could be targeting your customers in a more profitable way.

So how does it work?

Call tracking captures the details of your customers calls including the source, campaign, location and keyword and whether the call was initiated from an online or offline marketing activity, such as a Yellow Pages ad, an online directory, billboard or radio advertisement.

The campaigns are tracked through the use of a series of Dynamic Numbers. Each number is allocated to a different campaign or campaign platform. This makes it simple to track which advertisements are generating sales leads and phone calls by seeing which ones result in the most calls from customers.

You can then use this information to either end underperforming campaigns or platforms, rework them into something you think will work better or allocate a higher percentage of your budget to the better performing advertisements.

One step further

Once you have the calls coming in you have to make sure you are putting your best foot forward in terms of the service given to customers. Call recording can be used as a coaching tool to teach your staff what to do and what not to do.

Call recording does exactly as it says and records calls made to your business. Managers and business owners can then hear what is being said to customers to help iron out problems that may be missed in the running of day-to-day activities.

Moving Angels owner Jane Korn used the service to record all of the inbound calls as a way to gain insight into how her staff members and herself were interacting with customers over the phone.

She used the recordings to change the approach of how she and her staff members spoke on the phone to customers. As a result all of her staff members now sound more professional and helpful on the phone. This in turn leads to a higher number of successful service sales.

Both of these services work hand in hand to lead to a more effective marketing strategy, saving your business money on marketing campaigns and turning a larger profit with increased sales so as the financial year just begins why not make sure your marketing budget is working as hard for your business as possible?

– Kim Irvine is the General Manager of Zintel, a company that delivers call tracking solutions to help businesses monitor, optimise and measure both online and offline marketing.

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Lorna Brett

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