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Experiencing a product makes a big difference

Just a few weeks back I attended a motoring expo that certainly got me thinking about the importance of hosting events for customers and making the time you have with them count.

So often events I attend for work are made up of the usual elements such as PowerPoint presentations, static display booths and panel sessions. Uniquely, at this expo I was able to test out the latest car technology in different scenarios, and even took part in a fun, short competition reversing one of the cars using only the rear-facing video cameras for guidance.

Providing authentic, hands-on experiences can’t be the sole domain of car companies. The games were a great idea, because they meant I was able to have a real driving experience. Getting to try the latest car technology for myself at this expo gave me greater empathy with what the company is setting out to achieve and will certainly have an impact on my next car purchase.

So, how can your potential customers genuinely experience your product or service before they buy? How can you take the relationship to a higher level?

While it’s not uncommon to take a car for a test drive, it is rare to have the opportunity to race a car backwards through an obstacle course. You can always hold a golf club in a sporting store, but where’s the room to take a swing?

Do you think giving hands-on experiences to customers makes a difference? Have you got some great ideas for making customer events extra special?

What do you think?

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Gerald Chait

Gerald Chait

Gerald Chait is Reckon Limited’s Group General Manager, Marketing. He has over 20 years marketing experience and has worked with a number of well known companies including Sharp, Optus and 3M developing marketing and business strategies. For almost 5 years Gerald has been instrumental in developing Reckon’s Business Division marketing and pricing strategies. Reckon is the distributer of QuickBooks, Quicken and APS software. Over the last decade, Reckon has quickly grown to become a leading name in accounting and business circles.

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