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Marketing excellence: The magic wand for small business

Results matter in a small business, after all it’s your bank account we’re talking about, and the way to achieve good results is to take some time to think creatively about your marketing strategies.

Typically small businesses don’t have the substantial marketing budgets of larger corporations, and are therefore forced to think creatively about how to achieve their “share of voice” in today’s rather noisy marketing environment.

Size is not always better though, because small businesses generally have an advantage in having a direct, close relationship with their customers. Small business owners tend to be intuitive and empathic about their customers’ decision making processes and buying experience… without the need for a giant marketing research department.

It is the smart business owners who learn how to leverage this customer focus into creative and carefully targeted marketing campaigns that deliver great returns on investment dollars – and ultimately build that bank balance.

Developing empathy and intuition for your customers is the first crucial step in effective marketing planning and if you want to enhance your understanding of your customers there are some key questions to ask:

–       What tangible benefits does your customer gain from purchasing your product or service?

–       How does your customer feel when they make the purchase?

–       What possible concerns or fears may they have?

–       How does their decision making process take place?

–       Who might influence their purchasing decision?

–       What is the best way to communicate the value of your product or service to this customer?

To assist Sydney businesses in taking a fresh look at their customer’s experience, Abby Practice is hosting a workshop on Marketing Planning for Small Business which aims to inspire small business owners to think creatively about marketing strategies that will ensure future growth.

The marketing workshop will be held on Tuesday 3 April 2012 from 12-2pm at Suite 702, 90 George St, Hornsby NSW  2077 and you can register by clicking here.

It could be the best couple of hours you spend on your business for some time!

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Sid Edwards

Sid Edwards

Sid is the Principal and CA at leading Sydney small business accountancy firm Abby Practice.

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