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After gaining experience in New York, the world capital of advertising, Adrian Falk returned to Australia to apply his knowledge to help Australian businesses make a name for themselves.

Having worked in New York for several years in Public Relations and advertising, Adrian Falk realised he could be offering Australian businesses the same services he was offering US corporations.

His passion for PR stemmed from his desire to express creativity in a way that would help businesses reach out to consumers.

“There’s a lot of creativity in the advertising industry, and being a creative person myself, I thought getting involved in advertising and PR would be a great way to express my creativity,” said Falk.

Believing in himself, Falk decided to pack up his bags, head back home to Australia, and start up his own small PR company, Believe Advertising in 2002. The reason he called the company Believe is because he feels that ‘belief’ got him to where he is today.

“The reason I called the company Believe is because I really had to believe in myself. I started the business with no clients, just a belief that I could do it and succeed in what I love,” said Falk.

Armed with a little black book of media contacts and plenty of enthusiasm, Falk quickly gathered a stable of clients not only from across Australia but also international businesses looking to make their debut into the Australian marketplace.

“PR is such an effective way for manufacturers and suppliers to distinguish themselves against their competitors. While advertising is great for branding, you definitely can’t go past PR as a cost effective way of promoting your product directly to consumers,” said Falk.

One of Believe Advertising’s key point of difference is its personalised structure of service. Falk said that unlike a large agency that has hundreds of clients, Believe Advertising works very closely with its clients on a regular and consistent basis.

Falk also explained that he owes much of his success to his loyal clients who have referred his services to other business owners looking to have their products placed editorially in the media.

“The power of word-of-mouth is immense, and it really is one of the best forms of advertising. When my clients speak to their colleagues or friends, they pass on my details, it’s one of many great rewards I get from them,” said Falk.

One piece of advice Falk would like to share to other business owners is to believe in themselves that they have what it takes to overcome obstacles and succeed.

“Believe in yourself. If you believe you can, you can. That’s half the battle essentially. I really do believe in the power of the mind, and employing the right mindset to achieve what you want. I also advise business owners to be true to what they’re offering, to not get sidetracked,” he said.

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