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It’s all about networking physically, not digitally

The digital age has given us a lot to be thankful for. With the ability to transfer information freely and quickly, we have never been better connected with information, resources and people. It’s easy – with only a few touches of a keypad, we need not speak, travel or put on our best corporate attire to find the answers we need, connect with our industry idols and share our thoughts. But while it seems like progress – are the true benefits really only surface deep?

With 380 million users worldwide on LinkedIn and 500 million tweets shared each day via Twitter, how can you be sure that you’re gaining true value from your connections and you are in fact being heard? Has the ease of use and accessibility of social media and networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn created a ‘false economy’ for all those enthusiastic networkers and socialites?

A mere drop in the ocean, the chances are, neither your corporate headshot or insightful tweet is jumping off the screen in front of your connections or followers. Despite our better intentions to stand out and be present, we’re probably disappearing into the undergrowth. So ‘get out there’ and network physically, not digitally. At least, that’s the latest message on the grapevine for those career minded individuals and business owners.

Launching in Sydney last night, Cub Network, a venue designed to bring business leaders together to share ideas and opportunities, represents a growing appreciation and respect for the value of developing real physical relationships. With Cub alone experiencing a fast growing membership of CEOs and professionals even prior to its launch, more and more of us are starting to understand the unique benefits that real networking offers over impersonal digital ‘connections’. From raising your profile, receiving tailored and informed advice and trusted insights to opportunities such as client leads and partnerships, the list is endless.

So whether you are developing a career or driving your own business, put your devices down and think about where you can go to support others and learn from the best.

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Daniel Jacobs

Daniel Jacobs

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