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Michael Cosgrove

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Michael's years of experience within the Industrial Relations arena has seen him contribute as a valued team member of Senior Management and Executive Leadership teams around the country. An acknowledged Specialist IR workplace trainer, and published subject matter expert on the My Business.com website, and Family Business Magazine, Michael is regarded as a highly tactical practitioner, and is focused on implementing strategies to improve employee engagement and productivity within businesses.

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Increase productivity by exploring new possibilities

Let’s take some time to explore what areas your business can look at to achieve the productivity improvements you’ve been thinking about.

Michael Cosgrove

Michael Cosgrove


How to ensure the fairness of workplace investigations

When investigating a workplace incident or situation that could have a detrimental effect on the rights, interests or expectations of an employee, procedural fairness must apply. This is especially true if the action is likely to lead to the termination or demotion of the employee. Here’s how to ensure procedural fairness factors in your workplace investigations.

Dispelling myths and untruths about unions

We’ve all heard the rhetoric: ‘the union want this’ and ‘the union said that’, but the fundamental point that HR, media and some employers have forgotten is that the union isn’t made up of officials. It’s not the lady in the office that processes new membership applications. It’s the employees.

IR: What’s next for enterprise bargaining?

As with most IR topics, enterprise bargaining has taken its fair share of beatings. Employer groups continue to call for tighter controls and unions call for loosening of the chains. But what will the next era hold for this contentious industrial relations issue?

How to manage behaviour through a solid code of conduct

Codes of conduct are vital in the management of staff behaviours, and yet many SMBs fail to put one into practice in their organisation. This advice should help you to build a solid code of conduct, and put you on the right path to managing behaviours.