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Why you need to invest in HR procedures

A fine of $10,000 or more, may not be the only cost to a small business for not following key Human Resources (HR) processes. 

Should you get into a problem with an employee or if your attention is diverted from the operations of the business itself, this can be very costly in both time and money.

It is surely more cost effective to put some time into HR planning and processes than it is to make a mistake and have a fallout with an employee or union, or suffer punitive measures from the authorities.

We have all seen examples of HR gone awry in stories on TV where arguments between employers, employees and unions have gone completely out of control.

Like so many problems, HR problems can to a large extent be avoided by following the correct procedures and planning.  There are numerous dates that must be met by employers to comply with the various bits of legislation that control the employment of staff.

Whilst the various rules for the deduction of tax payments and superannuation have been around for a number of years,  the growing area for consideration in HR is ensuring that an employer has the various documentation and simple processes in place that will protect their position in the event of a dispute.

Letters or memos to your staff advise them of what is expected of them in their employment.  In the event of any dispute with an employee, it is the letters that explain what the employer expects that are critical to the employer’s case.

Of course the trick for small business is to have enough documentation regarding your employees.  No small business needs to build up documentation that is surplus to their needs.

If you would like to learn more about HR Planning, come along to the upcoming workshop hosted by Abby Practice.  HR small business expert, Samantha Baker from The People Department and Sid Edwards of Abby Practice will cover off administrative, accounting and other HR matters that need to be appropriately maintained by a small business.

Seats are limited so reserve your place on 02 9476 0399 or click here to register online.  The workshop will be held on Tuesday 9 April from 12-2pm at Suite 702, 90 George St, Hornsby.

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Diana du Preez

Diana du Preez

Diana is a Business Coach and Strategic Marketer at Innovation Station. She has first hand experience of founding, building and selling a successful small business and assists business owners to grow through innovation.

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