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Tips for keeping off-site employees productive

As Australian small business owners and jobseekers eye opportunities for work-life balance, more workplaces are beginning to provide flexible work options.

While most staff members are likely to embrace the opportunity to work from home, bosses may find themselves struggling to keep productivity and momentum going with employees working off-site.

Matt Goss, Managing Director of spend management solutions and services provider Concur – ANZ, says it is imperative for businesses to find a way to keep those working from home productive and talented, “or risk losing valuable talent and productivity.”

“The thorny issues of local versus off-site employees can begin to solve themselves, with ever-improving technology offering more tools for workers in remote location. Having a hybrid workforce, where workers come into the office from time to time but still work remotely on certain days, can provide a good balance,” Mr Goss says.

“Whatever the make-up of the workforce, employers need to communicate expectations clearly and often, so that everyone knows how to deliver their very best.”

Concur has three tips that may help keep off-site employees productive:

  1. Setting reasonable expectations: A productivity plan can help ensure employees working from home continue to contribute. It’s important to keep allocating workers goals and assignments with strict deadlines in order drive motivation and responsibility.
  2. Communication: Keep a line of communication with employees working outside the office. Phone calls, video conferences, emails, even text messages, all play an important role in keeping workers up-to-date and in the loop.
  3. Regular check-ins: Meeting in person now and then is an integral element of ensuring the above two points are actively practiced. Scheduling regular check-ins provides opportunities for both parties to keep on track and to keep an eye on whether or not all deadlines are being met.

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Guillermo Troncoso

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