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Six tips for making a professional first impression

Starting a new job can be daunting at the best of times, with new employees feeling the pressure to make a good first impression on new colleagues and bosses. Here’s six easy ways you can get it right the first time.

According to recruitment specialists Kelly Services, the first 90 days in a new role will set the tone for your tenure with a company.

While there might be no full-proof way to master a new role here’s some advice for making the most of the opportunity a new job presents:

1. Do your homework. Enquire about the company’s products and services, in advance. Finding out all that you can, before you turn up, will give you a head start.

2. Use the chance to start afresh. A new job is a perfect opportunity to build the “new and improved” professional you. Think about your past experiences, and how you can use them to maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses.

3. Look for clues about the corporate culture. Does your boss prefer emails, or face-to-face meetings? There are always unwritten rules, within a company, and the quicker you learn these rules, the easier your transition will be.

4. Get to know your team. Your short and long-term success depends on other people, so try to find out how you can fit in with the existing team. Develop a rapport; replace “I” and “me” in your vocabulary with “we” and “us.”

5. Do your chores. Familiarise yourself with how the phones are answered, and how the printing is done. Showing a willingness to be involved in these more menial areas will not only help to make a good impression, but also provide you with a greater understanding of your role within the company.

6. Set the right precedents. In an effort to impress, you may fall into the habit of increasing your workload and working back. But keep in mind that these precedents can be hard to overturn, later down the track. Try to establish, and maintain, a balance between work and your other commitments, in order to gain the most from your new job.

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Carly McKenna

Carly McKenna

Carly McKenna is currently working as a journalism intern for Dynamic Business. She is also a third-year Media student at Macquarie, a music enthusiast, and a lover of all things literary.

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