Millennials ambitious but not as tech dependent as employers think

A new whitepaper released by leading specialist recruitment firm, Robert Walters, has found that the majority of employers surveyed (79 per cent) believe that the younger generations’ expectations of rapid career progression is the biggest source of intergenerational conflict in the workplace.

All three employee generations, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers, agree that the main source of inter-generational conflict was a ‘difference in expectations of organisational values and cultures’ according to the survey of over 1000 professionals and 400 employers. Meanwhile, the second largest source of conflict was found to stem from the millennials’ frustration with the older generations’ ‘reluctance to engage with or use new technologies’ (24%).

Despite the frustration with the not so tech savvy older generations, Millennials were found to be less attached to technology than employers think. While 87 per cent of employers think millennials would leave an organisation for failing to invest in emerging technology, just over one half of millennials said they would consider leaving if their employer did not invest in technology.

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