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Millennials ambitious but not as tech dependent as employers think

A new whitepaper released by leading specialist recruitment firm, Robert Walters, has found that the majority of employers surveyed (79 per cent) believe that...

IT recruitment on the increase

According to a recently released survey by specialist professional recruiter, Robert Walters, 39% of hiring managers expecting to increase IT staffing levels up to...

Salary survey indicates market confidence

The Australian job market is set for a year of confidence as most industries show signs of improvement.

Law degree gives most satisfaction

Ever wish you could go back in time to the day you submitted your university law enrolment form, and choose a completely different area to study?

Tax break loss may force foreign professionals abroad

The career choices of international professionals working in Australia may be affected by the Government’s decision to abolish the Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA).

Five ways to maintain a professional social network presence

As more prospective employers turn to social networking profiles to vet potential staff, employees are ensuring their personal profiles are inoffensive to avoid the kind of negative scrutiny that could end up costing them a potential job. Here's how to keep your personal profiles employer-friendly.

How to put an end to employee boredom in the workplace

Many businesses could be seeing a decline in productivity, as boredom causes more and more employees to turn to non-work related activities to keep themselves entertained during work hours.

The surprising reasons behind fake sick days

With the long weekend fast approaching business owners are bracing themselves for the dreaded “sickie” phone calls, however a new report has revealed the most common reason for faking a sick day is not what many would assume.

Social networking profiles a ‘no-go zone’ for potential employers

Despite the prevalence of social networking in many areas of our lives, employees remain overwhelmingly protective of their online profiles from the prying eyes of potential and current employers.

Unemployment on the rise in 2012, report finds

Unemployment is set to increase marginally in 2012, while temporary and contract recruitment is expected to remain high, a new survey has revealed.


Australia facing its worst economic contraction in history

The ABS confirmed Australia’s first recession since 1990 after recording two consecutive quarters of economic decline. After being hammered by the pandemic, bushfires and drought,...

Let’s Talk: Investing to Succeed

Figuring out where to best invest your time and money is a difficult task. As businesses scale, leaders’ daily tasks become more and more...

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment offered to Victorian workers living in NSW or SA

People who live in New South Wales and South Australia but work in Victoria are now eligible for a $1,500 Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment...

Afterpay doubles revenue and partners with Worldpay to go global

Despite the global economic slow-down, the shift to online spending and move from traditional forms of credit have boosted Afterpay’s position domestically and internationally. Afterpay...