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Developing employee talent within your business

To avoid gaps in the structure a company, it is important that the senior employees have a thorough framework to mentor the juniors and newbies who need to know firsthand the values of the organization that they have joined.

Other than a comprehensive mentoring program, a prudent company planning to survive in the current competitive environment has to beef up on employee talent development. This can be done through career assessment tools. Other than on mentoring, an organization can have an elaborate training program that is mandatory for employees to undertake at least twice a year for efficacy. Not to be a cosmetic policy, but rather a seriously enforced one with the aim of making it an organization culture for employees to undertake the program.

Just like in a new product launch marketing plan, talent development should also have a well laid out plan on how the object of talent development and enhancement should be undertaken.

The basic strategy for a new product launch marketing plan would include extensive research into the competition. This is in tandem with the cardinal rule in marketing that one should always know their competition if indeed they intend to beat it. Similarly, the policy on talent development should focus on the employees in relation to how the best way to instill talent development. Skill development should be done not only adequately, but in a manner that is as painless as possible. Hurting business in the name of creating a talent development culture within an organization is less than desirable.

The second rule in marketing of a new product is knowing the ideal customer to target with the various marketing tools available to an organization. The reason for this is that there is always a need to minimize financial outlay in whatever project undertaken, even and including when investing in the human resource. A conscious realization if the various categories of employees and their individual capabilities in the policy goes a long mile in the realization of this organizational goal of a razor sharp team.

In marketing, after rule one and two have been satisfactorily fulfilled, the next paramount step when anticipating a product launch is the creation of a unique value proposition that is designed to beat the competition. The uniqueness is in terms of offering something fresh. Similarly, an organization needs a precise formula to make sure that a talent development policy and the program has a unique value. This can be achieved with the help of career assessment tools. These tools should be able to fulfill the responsibility of making sure that employee capabilities and personal attributes can be converted into resources that they can then use in impacting their potential success and realization. These assessment tools should also target customer profile in their streamlining in that they are designed and structured to enable employees serve and deal with a broad customer class. An interview should be conducted to audit the impact of the talent development and to ascertain if the objects of the program were achieved.

This post comes courtesy of Zealifi, a training course in the hospitality industry throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and all across Regional Queensland.

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