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The importance of a Facebook welcome page

If you have navigated your way into Facebook as a business owner or employee who has been given the job to ‘start the Social Media journey’ for your company, there are a number of little things you need to do in the starting out process, but one of the most effective and best things your Facebook page cannot miss out on is an enticing welcome page.

A welcome page is an extra tab you can add to your business Facebook page that can be almost like a website welcome page for those coming to your Facebook page. This means that if you have some sort of special offer, or a way for people to find out what it is exactly you do, or even a database you can sign people up to, you can do this straight from Facebook!

How great is that?!

There are a number of different resources you can use to come up with a Facebook page – both free and paid (per month), but you can always get an outsources company to come up with your very own design to upload to your Facebook page.

As an example, a couple of free websites that offer the option to create free Facebook Pages is Pagemodo and Tabsite.

Pagemodo gives you a range of templates you can use to upload photos with links and text, and upload the finished product to your Facebook page. There are paid and free versions of this – the only thing to watch out for is that Pagemodo brands your welcome page to let everyone know you are using the free version.

Tabsite is a little similar – it has a drag and drop option that lets you add texts, photos, videos and other bits and pieces to your Welcome page before uploading it to your page. Again, Tabsite brands your Welcome Page if you choose the free version vs. the monthly payment option, and their small ‘T’ icon is seen in your welcome page tabs.

The other option is to get the welcome page outsourced. While some companies may charge you to keep this welcome page up, others like ours, will charge for just the design and upload of this page. The benefit of this is that you don’t need to keep to any particular template, and the world is your oyster. We recommend for you to offer an enticing offer for fans – ask people to Like the page to drive fan number, in exchange for a download of free information.

This free information can be anything – from a coupon download if you are in an industry such as hospitality, to a one-page sheet that gives your fans some valuable information about your product or service. For example, if you are a consultant, why not offer a one-page download about what the benefits of hiring an experienced consultant can be. Although this isn’t a hard-sell, people who download and read this piece of information will be more likely to build a stronger bond to you, as you were the one that shared this information with them, and if they see it relevant to themselves, they are more likely to contact you for more information about your service.

Welcome pages, in essence, give you the opportunity to show a piece of your work, or exist as part of your website to drive people to become more interested in what you have to offer. It’s a fantastic way to actually drive people to you, and in turn, become your customers both online, and more importantly, offline.

Are you on Facebook? Do you drive traffic to you through a welcome page?

What do you think?

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Eva Maria

Eva Maria

Eva-Maria is a 21 year old family coach, international speaker, social media consultant and author of the bestselling parenting book ‘You Shut Up!’. She consults and trains organisations about using social media, and her business 'Social-e-Media' employs young people from around the world to help businesses in New Zealand build and execute and implement Social Media strategy, providing the perfect win-win solution between generations to help each other create and achieve mutual value.

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