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3 ways to get your eMarketing opened

Catch up with the latest in email marketing from an American pioneer and keynote speaker at the Email Marketing Summit Australia in October.

This week we were lucky enough to chat to EMSA keynote speaker Jeanniey Mullen, who is renowned as a pioneer of email marketing in the USA.

Here is what she had to say about her session at EMSA and email marketing in general.

Q. Tell us about your session…

I’m very excited to speak about: Global technology trends and their impact on your customer, marketing strategies, campaigns and results from 2012-2015.

For anyone responsible for email marketing, you know all too well that you must be a master of many trades in order to be successful. You not only have to be aware of all of the laws and best practices for tactical outreach, but you also need to be technically savvy and bring a sense of brand management to the table.

And now that tablets, eReaders and digital devices have taken over our lives, the role of email is changing again. Understanding how your customer will rely on technology to manage their lives over the next 3 years will enable you to stay one step ahead.

I’m very excited to speak to the EMSA audience and help excite them about the future.

Q. What will people learn from your session at EMSA?

I hope that people who attend my session will walk away with three key pieces of insight:

  1. A better appreciation for how their customer manages their digital day (and how their email plays a role.)
  2. An excitement for future digital discoveries that will enable email to remain king of the messaging stratosphere.
  3. An insight into how different the world of Generation S (swipe) will actually be.

Underneath these insights I hope will be a connection to success that every member felt they did not have when they first sat down.

Q. If people walk away from your session remembering just one thing ­ what will that be?

The one thing I want people to walk away remembering is that “Success = Service” for email.

Q. What makes email marketing such an effective tool?

I could type for days. Since we don’t have days, I would sum it up by saying, email is the most effective tool because it is the backbone of all digital communications. And that will never change.

Q. What are your top three email marketing tips?

My top three tips are:

  1. Sometimes it’s not about the email you send, but the permission you have to send that will tell you the most about your customers propensity to buy.
  2. Service emails will outsell marketing emails any day of the week.
  3. If you are not indexing all of your email content on your website/mobile device­ well…you are losing money.

Jeanniey will be presenting at the Email Marketing Summit Australia in Brisbane on October 18. Don’t miss out on learning from her and other great speakers! Save $100 by getting an early bird ticket ($175) before September 22nd. Register here.

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Kristin Huddleston

Kristin Huddleston

Kristin Huddleston is the Marketing Coordinator at Vision6 and has been working in the email marketing industry for 3 years. Prior to this Kristin worked in Marketing and carried out email marketing campaigns at both agency and professional services companies. Her role at Vision6 is to use integrated marketing communications to inform, educate and promote everything e-messaging to both clients and non-clients.

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