Kristin Huddleston

Kristin Huddleston

Kristin Huddleston

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Kristin Huddleston is the Marketing Coordinator at Vision6 and has been working in the email marketing industry for 3 years. Prior to this Kristin worked in Marketing and carried out email marketing campaigns at both agency and professional services companies. Her role at Vision6 is to use integrated marketing communications to inform, educate and promote everything e-messaging to both clients and non-clients.

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3 ways to get your eMarketing opened

Want to know what it takes to create eMarketing your customers can’t help but open? American email marketing pioneer Jeanniey Mullen offers her top three tips for how to get your business noticed in the inbox.

Kristin Huddleston

Kristin Huddleston


Seven ways to craft a clickable call to action

While structure, design and content are all essential elements within your email, they’re most powerful when used to complement and enhance the most important element – your call to action (CTA). Here’s how to create a killer CTA for your eMarketing.

11 examples from Mimco for designing emails that sell

Commercial email drove $63.1 billion in sales last year, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to acquire more customers, promote your business and sell more products – email is for you. Here’s a look at the 11 ways Mimco is getting eMarketing right.

20 ideas to inspire your next eNewsletter

It’s that time again, the deadline for your upcoming email newsletter is looming and you just can’t find the energy or inspiration to get started. Here’s 20 ideas to put a fresh spin on your eNewsletters.

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