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How to be the best in your space

It’s an odd saying – “striving to be the best in our space” – but I believe every organisation in Australia should be striving towards this goal. We should all be working towards being the best in our business sectors at what we do.

Many of you will know that I started life in the UK as an accountant, doing the usual auditing and incomplete records type of work, then moving into the IT side of the accounting world.

I used to spend much of my time doing business analysis for clients and then producing Invitation to Tender documents on their behalf.

During this time I worked with many IT providers and found of them to be completely focused on what they had to offer and not really what the client required. This was a major frustration for me, and often the client.

Eventually I left the accounting industry and over a 16-year period I had the pleasure of building companies that focused on the customer.

Sure we were a commercial organisation interested in profit, but we loved what we did and we loved our clients. Our mantra was Customer First– in our thoughts, plans and actions.

We wanted to be the “best in our space” and this in turn drove our success.

Having been in Australia for five years now, the same applies to my existing company and its directors and employees – which is to be the best in our space.

Our mission statement is:

“Kinetic has a simple belief: technology can transform business. Combining a depth of technology and market expertise with unrivalled service delivery, Kinetic enables companies across both public and private sectors to exploit new technologies realise ROI goals and achieve business transformation”

And we all believe this and strive to perfect this.

I will confess that building our team was a difficult road – to find the right people, with the right skills, right mind set and with a high level of dedication to our customers.

In fact I would go as far to say it was bloody difficult!

Now we are not perfect and on occasion we do get it wrong (which we correct rapidly) but we strive for excellence and to delight our customers.

To be the best in our space we consider the following:

  • We don’t want to be a standard software IT provider but one that has a FOCUS on delivering end results
  • We listen to our clients issues and deliver a solution to those; if we don’t have a good solution we walk away
  • We always deliver what we promise
  • We employ smart people with the right qualities, character and skills – no matter how hard this is to find!

Whilst every organisation is in business for commercial gain I wonder how often the endeavour for profit dilutes our real passion and goals.

The above are our true beliefs and I wanted this article to perhaps make you think what your organisation is striving for.

Are you focused on financial reward only or are you truly striving (as hard as this may be) to be the “best in your space”?