Scott Graham

Scott is the Director of Kinetic Information Systems, an Australian specialist software and services company. Kinetic are a company that are focused on solutions to organisational problems using best-in-class software. Taking time to understand your problems understand what you want and what you are trying to deliver, we offer practical solutions and employ structured methods to deliver those solutions on time and on budget. Kinetic help clients identify business value, manage risk and realise higher levels of success from their programmes and initiatives. We specialise in eProcurement, Business Intelligence and ERP solutions. You can connect with Scott via his LinkedIn profile or website.

For the sake of transparency – An opinion piece

An opinion piece about the work the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) are doing in NSW.

Size matters when choosing software for your company

Organisations often use software that is completely inappropriate for the size of their organisation. Frequently there is a belief within organisations that they need one of the big players (SAP, Oracle, etc) to deliver their solution because “that’s what everyone else is doing”.

Beware the self-proclaimed expert

If someone is proclaiming they are an expert in their field, more often than not, they’re telling fibs. Here's a look at the kind of specialists you can put your trust in, and spend your dollars on.

Why you should pay your invoices on time

Late payment is becoming an epidemic that is threatening the future of many small and medium sized organisations Australia wide. Australia often sees itself as an egalitarian society, the land of the fair go - well where is the fairness in not paying supplier invoices in a timely manner!

How to be the best in your space

Are you focused on financial reward only or are you truly striving (as hard as this may be) to be the best in your space? Here's how one business owner is ensuring his team of directors and employees are constantly working to achieve this.

The best way to manage fixed costs

Fixed costs can be a killer in any business - they can creep into any organisation slowly and choke it like a pervasive weed. Here's how one specialist suggests you manage these difficult expenses.

Do Australian boards need to make better decisions?

In difficult economic times having accurate factual information to make informed decisions is critical for the boards of Australia. Working with ‘gut’ based decisions is no longer an option.

Don’t get sidetracked by unnecessary innovation

Maintaining focus on your key competencies is important and sometimes the need for diversification is required - after all, innovation is good. However, it's far too easy for organisations to become sidetracked with unnecessary innovation, in the wrong areas.

Procurement and its credibility in the boardroom

The movement in Australian organisations to deliver “more for less” and reduce risk is really starting to register on the radar within boardrooms.

Do you play games with your business?

Chess and poker are games that are played by people all over the world, with different levels of ability, and one expert believes that many organisations are playing similar games with their business.

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