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The #1 reason your business should have a blog

From what I can see there is something like 200 million blogs around the world, and 900,000 blog posts made every 24 hours.

The harsh reality is the world is not waiting breathlessly to hear what you have to say, so it begs the question, why bother having a blog?

Some people still view blogs as some trendy marketing gimmick reserved solely for online businesses but nothing could be further from the truth.

A blog is by far the easiest way to create content that ranks well in the search engines.

You need to stop thinking about a blog as a publication or journal that people are going to sit down and read on a daily basis, and start viewing it as a management system for your content that’s automatically search-engine friendly.

Put simply, the number one reason for writing a blog is about being found.

Most business owners see marketing as a process of ‘hunting’ for new customers. However writing a blog flips that approach to be about being ‘found’.

The fact is people ‘google’ every day, for anything and everything. They’re not just searching for things to buy online – they’re looking for information, advice and answers.

If you’re an accountant and you write regular blog posts on things like ‘How to Pay Less Tax’, or ‘How to Simplify Your Business Activity Statement’, the fact is you’re more likely to be found when someone is searching for an accountant online.

Are they going to subscribe to your blog? It’s unlikely. However in the process of producing lots of educational content you are more likely to be found, plus you’ll also be seen as a subject matter expert.

The truth is people are not necessarily interested in doing those things themselves but they do want to know that you know how to do something.

If along the way you’re able to develop your writing skills and produce scintillating content that your prospects and customers subscribe to, and read, on a regular basis, that’s an added bonus. It certainly shouldn’t be the primary reason.

Do you see value in blogging for business? What’s your experience?

What do you think?

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Joel Norton

Joel Norton

Joel is Chief Strategy Officer of <a href="http://Boosthq.com.au">Boost Marketing</a>, a specialist small business marketing consultancy. He is an accomplished marketing professional with 22 years experience, and is passionate about delivering strategic, practical marketing solutions that help small business to be more profitable. Joel is also a sought after speaker on the elements of small business marketing. You can follow Joel on twitter <a href="http://www.twitter.com/boosthq">@BoostHQ</a>

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