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Don’t forget to celebrate your wins

It’s easy to get so caught up in the running of a business that you forget to celebrate the important milestones reached along the way. Use these simple tips to celebrate your achievements, and those of your team – your business culture will thank you.

A few weeks ago we were invited to a business awards dinner, as we were lucky enough to be one of the finalist businesses. The fabulous MC reminded us that there are over two million small businesses employing over four million people in Australia. It got me thinking again about the importance of small businesses for our economy – not only in Australia, but worldwide – and I felt proud to at least make a small difference in the business world, as a result of our marketing programs.

It can be so rewarding to be a small business owner, and it’s important to acknowledge everyone who is on this wonderful journey. Entering business awards is not only great in terms of marketing, it’s also a great way to acknowledge your achievements and those of your staff.

We make celebrating great work a part of our business culture. There are many different ways to celebrate your achievements in business and below are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Tell someone about your accomplishment or achievement, preferably someone who is encouraging and supportive of you. It’s so nice to share your successes. Your team is a great place to start.
  • If you have employees, celebrate with them and acknowledge the great work they do. Maybe surprise them with a little gift for a job well done or take the team out for lunch or a fun event.
  • Celebrate with your clients. They’re all part of your success, it’s because of them you are in business and making money. You could invite them to a special event, send them a thank you card or a surprise gift. We often run workshops and events for our clients to come along to and they are always a lot of fun and greatly appreciated. Think about including your best suppliers, as they’re also part of your team.
  • Take a break. Go home early on a Friday afternoon, plan a weekend away or even book a holiday.
  • Buy yourself something. Sometimes it’s just nice to buy yourself something special to appreciate your hard work.

In our business we even have a weekly celebration ritual where we celebrate our achievements, eat chocolate and drink a glass of wine. It’s just a nice way to finish the week and start a new one. Imagine over two million people celebrating each week, what a party that would be!

What do you think?

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Franziska Iseli-Hall

Franziska Iseli-Hall

Franziska Iseli-Hall is a marketing strategist, speaker, author and the founder of Basic Bananas – Small Business Marketing Made Simple. She's passionate about helping small business owners grow their businesses through innovative, sustainable and proven marketing strategies. Franziska is on a mission to help small business owners grow their business, live the life of their dreams and give back to community. Her success is in her clients’ results.

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