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Why planning is pivotal to the sales process

We’re used to making plans for things that are important to us. We plan our social lives, our family gatherings and we have business plans. However, many people don’t consider planning a part of selling.

Selling is the direct cause of business growth and the best business and sales leaders know that they need to have a sales plan that integrates sales across the whole business.

While each business will have a different sales plan according to its nature, there are three components that a sales plan needs to have the best chance to be successful:

1. Vision and philosophy

The objectives of the sales plan have to reflect the company’s vision and philosophy.

Having a clear philosophy, and people across the organisation that believe in it, will help you identify sales tactics that are right for your business.

2. Measurable outputs

Set sales performance criteria, milestones and clear individual accountabilities. Work with each person on your team to set these goals. Involving people in this process is the best way to give them ownership and accountability.

Everyone involved in selling will be motivated and determined if they are responsible for their own mistakes and successes.

3. Regular reviews

Allocate time to review performances, issues and concerns. Take them seriously and act on them, so that the same mistakes are not repeated.

To keep sales fit you need regular reviews and coaching.

The number one rule for any plan to work is commitment. There are no quick fixes. Commit, get organised and prepared for the long run.

Remember everybody lives by selling something.

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Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett is a sales expert, coach, and founder of Barrett, specialists in assisting businesspeople and businesses build high performing and profitable sales teams.

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