Sue Barrett

Sue Barrett is a sales expert, coach, and founder of Barrett, specialists in assisting businesspeople and businesses build high performing and profitable sales teams.

12 sales trends for 2013

Sue Barrett shares her research on the 12 sales trends that businesses should expect to see this year including thinking about corporate responsibility and looking after the customer experience.

Using meditation to become a master of sales

What do empathy, compassion and benevolence have to do with salespeople and leaders? Different studies around the world have confirmed that these are critical qualities of highly successful people, teams, companies and communities. Here's how training can help you hone these important traits.

Why planning is pivotal to the sales process

We're used to making plans for things that are important to us. We plan our social lives, our family gatherings and we have business plans. Despite this, many people don’t consider planning a part of selling. Here are 3 components a sales plan needs to have the best chance to be successful.

How to act ethically in sales and procurement

Ethical procurement practices and choices surrounding sourcing and distribution activities can have a dramatic effect on a company’s reputation and sales revenue. Here's some expert advice for how to manage yours more effectively, for the sake of your brand.

Are sales skills relevant to everyone?

Most people choose a field to work on, apply and develop their skills and live happily ever after. The surprise comes when they realise that they need to also learn how to sell their services and capabilities.

How modelling good behaviour is good for business

As leaders, we want our businesses’ to be healthy and successful, but for it to be so we need our people to be healthy and successful as well. Here's how to model good behaviours in your organisation.

Does sales have a place in the academic landscape?

Today’s sales environment is so complex that the skills required to be successful are at the standard of high level University qualifications. Despite this, sales hasn’t had a place in the academic agenda; only a few papers here and there. That is, until now.

How to coach salespeople to improved performance

The sales profession is skillful, with many technical and interpersonal abilities needing to be continuously developed. Despite this, most salespeople are expected to work out how to be effective on their own. Here's how a coaching culture will improve the performance of your sales team.

How to develop sales skills on a budget

Finding the time to take your sales team out of the field to train them can be problematic, as can accessing quality, customised content and quality trainers at an affordable price. Use these clever tips to create a continuous learning environment in your business.

Social media and its impact on the sales process

Social media has contributed to the democratisation of information and, armed with this information, customers are demanding different things from sales people and companies. This phenomenon is known as 'Social Sales', and businesses need to get acquainted with it if they're to keep up.

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