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The ‘later’ tasks you need to do now

This week, Google has made changes to its algorithm which means websites optimised for mobile will rank much higher than others when people search on a mobile device. Upon hearing this news, many small businesses will be scrambling to upgrade their website so they don’t suffer in Google’s search rankings.

This kind of last minute action puts stress on already stretched small business owners. They often don’t have the flexibility to shell out unplanned cash just because optimising their website for mobile was something they ‘always meant to do,’ but never got around to.

Many businesses put off making website changes until it’s too late, but it’s not the only thing pushed to bottom of the priority list that could come back and bite. At Forum Group, we’ve pulled together a list of three key things you might be putting off, but should think about now:

• Your social media presence – whether your posting is too sporadic or you don’t have any social assets at all, now is the time to kick your social into high gear. Social media is often the first port of call for prospective employees or clients and when used effectively to monitor comments and conversations, it can also be a good gauge of how happy or unhappy customers are. Make sure all the social channels you use have a consistent theme, regular posts and some brand personality to communicate with people both in and outside the business

• Your business services suppliers – every business has suppliers to help with key back end processes, such as print and IT; but managing lots of different companies can be time consuming and costly. Look at your suppliers and arrangements to make sure you are getting the best deal. If you lack the time or expertise to do this, companies like Forum Group support and additionally can help you consolidate all your suppliers into one point of contact. Taking these steps now will help you save time and money in the long run

• Employee feedback – taking the time to sit down and catch up with your employees can be time consuming, but this isn’t something that can be put off. Employees who feel undervalued or feel their opinions are ignored are often demotivated and the result is a drop in productivity or a resignation. Additionally, your team probably have great ideas about ways to improve the business. Investing time in conversations with staff now will pay off in the long run.

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