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Let’s Talk: Going viral – what social media tactics can bring your business attention?

Trying to pick what social media platform is right for your business is one thing, but once you’re there, what kind of activity can get your business the attention it needs?

Let’s Talk

Elaine Yang, Founder, askbella

Social media strategy is not always easy to get right, especially for a newly launched business without any previous brand awareness in the market. By creating save-able and shareable informative and educational posts, we generated a large amount of traction through word of mouth among beauty audiences who were looking for advice on social media.

A user-generated strategy by partnering with influencers has also enabled us to reach our target audience and ramp up website visits.

Alongside organic content, we invested in paid social ads to promote the brand with the UGC content, and everything interlinked has helped to create viral growth.

Phillip Kuoch, Owner and Founder, Goldeluck

We look to social media as an essential element of the Goldeluck’s marketing strategy, as it can increase brand awareness and further connect us with our customers.

Our small Goldeluck’s bakery went viral on TikTok recently and has since garnered almost 25 million views, 200k new followers and even caught the attention of makeup guru, James Charles. Many businesses are quick to ignore TikTok and deem it a platform for younger kids, however Goldeluck’s has seen a dramatic increase in the number of orders since starting on the platform. 

It’s always a great idea to adopt a new social media platform in its early days, to capitalise on the crazy organic growth that it can bring. Early adopters are always rewarded nicely! 

With online engagement continuing to rise, it’s no question that our social media approach to adopt TikTok will continue to benefit Goldeluck’s reputation and sales.

Maya Srebro, Head of Marketing, Wiise

Sometimes with B2B marketing, we forget who the actual buyer(s) are. Now, more than ever, are businesses getting a grasp on what this exactly means. When it comes to using social media to reach B2B audiences – we’ve found that diving deep into the segmentation tools on LinkedIn has really helped us to generate genuine interest and potential leads. And it all starts with the customer.

The first step is to really take the effort to get to know your customer inside out. Start with their main pain point. Why are they buying your product in the first place? What are the benefits of using your product or service? Then investigate why they are choosing you over the competition. Depending on how many customers you serve, and the size of your business, this can be done by building an automated post-purchase process. But it doesn’t have to be high tech, it can be as simple as picking up the phone and speaking to your customers.

Once you start to break down your key customer personas – their wants, needs and motivations, barriers to change, social media can really come into its own. Having made the effort to understand your customer, you can now formulate and test the creative copy to appeal directly to those organisations who will actually buy your products.

And don’t forget: there’s usually a decision-maker or influencer on the buying journey. Understanding who those key people are in your buying journey is important.

Get creative. Come up with a few key messages by persona and test, test, test. LinkedIn allows you to define your marketing and sales approach at a granular level, by job title, industry, number of employees – this can lead to impactful ads and is especially useful when establishing your business in new industries or geographical markets. This works great when you have your sales engine working on LinkedIn too.

Cormac Gray, Director and Founder, Top Tier Marketing

At Top Tier Marketing we run Facebook ads, primarily used to generate new brands to partner with, that align with our business. We direct them to book in a discovery call with myself, where I determine if they are the right fit for our agency.

In our first 2.5 years of business, our ads generated 100% of our revenue, built our agency to 11 people, and in return helped us to achieve a 7-figure business – it’s hands down the best strategy for growing our agency.

Our ads are strategic, targeted, and engaging, featuring testimonial videos from our existing clients who share their experience of working with us and the results achieved.

In addition to this, we have achieved huge success with organic content on TikTok. Through organic posting, we’ve managed to generate over 500,000 impressions which has equated to over $10k+ in monthly revenue alone and growing!

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