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Performance reviews: The metric you’re missing

You might be measuring your employees against every metric under the sun, but here’s one you’re probably forgetting. 

Where employee evaluations are concerned, many companies follow a more-is-better approach, measuring performance across a broad – often too broad – range of qualities, skills, and proficiencies.

Even so, one crucial element is almost always missing: Sales skills.

Salespeople need sales skills. You need sales skills. (Every successful person does, in fact, and here’s why.) But every employee can and should play a role in generating sales, especially in a small business – no matter what job they perform

It’s Part of the Job

Here’s a great example. A HVAC technician came to our house to do scheduled maintenance on our heat pumps. I showed him where the different units are. My nose was running so I kept taking out a tissue to blow my nose.

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