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Netflix reveals Australia’s fastest internet provider

Streaming service Netflix has released their first index naming Australia’s fastest Internet Service Providers, and TPG has come out on top.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index has been released monthly for a good while, but this is the first time Australia and New Zealand has been tested.

TPG came first out of the Australian ISPs tested, locking in an average speed of 3.36 Megabits per second (Mbps). Optus came second with a speed of 3.27 Mbps, followed by iiNet with 3.24 Mbps, Primus with 3.03 Mbps, Exetel with 2.56 Mbps, Dodo with 2.29 Mbps, and Telstra with 2.23 Mbps.

Netflix said ‘speed’ is measured across all available devices in Mbps, “the average bitrate for Netflix content streamed by Netflix members per ISP. ”

“Excluded from our measurements across all ISP networks are a small number of plans, devices for which we cannot record accurate bitrates and streaming over identified mobile networks.

“The speed shown on the Netflix ISP Speed Index is not a measurement of an ISP’s maximum network throughput or capacity.”

The results also highlighted the difference in speed between ISPs in Australia and New Zealand. NZ’s top provider, Snap, registered an average speed of 3.77 Mbps, 0.41 Mbps faster than TPG’s service.

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

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