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How to get started with Facebook offers

Here are five ways to make the most of Facebook’s latest advertising opportunity for businesses.

Facebook Offers is a new advertising feature that allows businesses to share discounts or promotions – in-store, online or both – with their Facebook audience. Potential customers can claim these offers from their news feed, and they can share them with their friends and family. This new ad unit is available starting at $5 for Page owners. The cost rises with a larger fan base, but it’s always free for potential customers to claim.

Here’s how to make the most of Facebook Offers for your business:

1. Advertise desirable, exclusive offers. Ensure your offers are social in nature by asking yourself if you or your friends would claim the discount if you saw it on your news feed. A quality offer is one that’s shareable and doesn’t feel like advertising. The more claims an offer receives, the more followers will see it in their feeds and the greater its reach.

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