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Google AdWords: 12 essential Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to web advertising, it’s fine to go it alone. Just make sure you’re not throwing money down the drain.

Managing Google AdWords campaigns is easy, right? You just pick a bunch of keywords, establish budgets, enter your credit card and you’re done.

Sure, but you’re probably on your way to helping Google maintain its stock price while wasting a lot of your own money heedlessly or losing out to more savvy competitors.

Executed well, AdWords (and other similar “pay per click,” or PPC, campaigns) can effectively drive qualified traffic to your website–which in turn can generate new leads and sales for your business. The best-run campaigns have a clear strategic directive, established benchmark metrics, and analytics in place to measure everything.

But the key phrase there is “executed well.” What my company often sees instead, when we’re called in to audit or take over these DIY campaigns, is a whole lot of aimless setup, general mismanagement and under-utilisation of features that could otherwise help overall performance.

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