Five tips for making your website more social

The right messages, distinctive content and incentives are key to ‘social optimisation.’

If you operate a website, you’re no doubt familiar with search engine optimisation. Now, add “social optimisation” to your to-do list.

A website that’s optimised for social media sharing typically attracts more traffic and sparks more engagement with customers. But what does social optimisation mean exactly? Is it simply a matter of adding social sharing buttons to pages? Actually, it encompasses everything from encouraging more sharing on your pages to seeking more feedback from visitors. To make your website more social, consider these five tips for going beyond buttons:

1. Encourage a more social experience.

There is a belief that people either share or they don’t. Not so. You can encourage sharing and engagement on your website by choosing “emotionally intelligent words.” This means you select words that represent the personality of your brand and appear conversational.

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