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Whatever your brand, whatever your sector, experience is everything these days. 

In our hyper-connected world, consumers are increasingly basing purchases on first hand brand experiences – either their own or those of their friends and networks. Planning and managing effective and original brand experiences is now an essential element of a modern marketing strategy.

In brand experience, there is no one-size-fits-all model. But there are some guiding principles for success. Here are 6 tried and tested ways to transform your brand into an experience that people will want to engage with and talk about:

Embrace a current trend

This gives people something to talk about, it’s eye-catching, exciting, new and in a world where people are looking for things to share and talk about online this doing something on-trends can act as social currency.

Great example:  Anthon Berg – Pop Up Chocolate Shop

Surprise and delight

Find a way to treat the consumer, take them away from their day to day and create a connection by making them smile.

Great example: McDonalds Party Bouncy Castle

Provide a service at a time of need

Being on-hand to satisfy a need is a great way to draw consumers into your world and then provide them with something useful. This tactic can create very strong connections.

Great example: Sprite’s Beach Shower

Create something to share

Not just online, but also through WOM. By creating an experience that people want to talk about online and off you can encourage people to be a natural advocate of your brand.

Great example: HP’s Photo Beach Ball

Build an immersive environment

Inviting consumers into your world, driving home key brand messages through unusual, immersive experiences that can help them feel part of the brand.

Great example: Shoes of Prey concept store, Sydney

Give something back

In a world where brand trust is often brought into question, giving something back, stepping aside from driving a clear brand message can be a great way to foster real long-term relationships.

Great example:  American Express | Small Business Saturday

The most exciting thing about creating an engaging brand experience is that you really have to put the consumer first. Think about how you want to make them think and feel about your brand and what you want them to say about it after they are exposed to the activity. It doesn’t matter what approach you take, if the central idea isn’t going to connect with your intended audience then you just have a brand on show, not a brand experience. Go forth and engage, we promise it is worth it!

About the author

Meredith Cranmer is the executive director of BEcause Brand Experience.

Twitter: @BEcause_Aus
LinkedIn: Meredith Cranmer

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