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Top10 Dynamic Entrepreneur: Sabri Suby, Founder, King Kong

Sabri Suby is the Founder & Head of Growth at King Kong. King Kong is a digital marketing agency that in the last 4 years has grown from 2 to 50 team members, and are aiming to be Australia’s largest digital agency within five.

The agency’s core belief is that this isn’t some unreachable, dream-goal. They fully expect to hit this benchmark, as long as they keep recruiting top-talent and providing unrivalled results for clients!

Suby sees himself a serial entrepreneur and marketing specialist in the direct response space, his main focus has always been on digital and working with businesses to help them get the best out of sales. Suby has worked with hundreds of small-to-medium size business and  some billion dollars companies including; Metricon, Aussie Home Loans, The Good Guys, Real Insurance, HBF, Liberty Financial, Slater&Gordon and the Jim’s Group to name a few.

You could say Suby is really disrupting the digital marketing space in Australia. Suby’s expertise and success has been recognised as he was named as one of Dynamic Business’s Top10 Entrepreneurs. 

Dynamic Business had a chat with Suby about being named in the top10, his top tips and what he is working on lately.

How does being one of the Top10 Entrepreneurs feel?

Public acknowledgement is always the result of huge behind-the-scenes work. So when you work so intensely hard it is extremely humbling to get that peer recognition. I started King Kong in 2014 out of my bedroom, with no more than $50 and an old computer my girlfriend bought me, and now we have achieved 314% growth and a revenue of $14 million over four years. In launching King Kong, my goal has always been to build the biggest and best digital marketing agency in the country, so this win is further proof that we’re on track to achieve that. And I am grateful to have that success celebrated. Successful entrepreneurs and industry-changing empires come from Australia and it’s important to create opportunities for these achievements to be recognised. I want to show our younger generation that they can influence world-wide changes across an industry and that we can set the standard of excellence.

What are you currently up to in your business?

With a healthy influx of international clients, we have plans to expand the number of countries we provide our services to. We are a business on a steep upward trajectory and I believe this is largely due to our focus on generating real results for our clients. In an industry full of cowboys counting vanity metrics, we cut through the bull and actually provide businesses with real growth solutions. To continue this growth we are scaling everything that we’re doing – from the clients that we’re bringing on board, to operations, and the size of our team. But the biggest project that I’ve been working on intensely over the last 6-12 months is writing my first book, Sell Like Crazy, launching on January 30th. It is the quintessential tell-all business book which guarantees all the spoils of the digital marketing and sales war.

Top 3 lessons so far?

#1 ‘Work Ethic’ My work ethic is really the only thing that I can control. Combining clever strategy with being the hardest workers in the industry is what has seen my agency thrive. I believe there isn’t any problem that can’t be overcome by sound strategy and a sheer amount of work directed towards it.

#2 ‘Trust Your Intuition’ There’s been a lot of times where things have appeared to look very attractive, and I’ve ignored my intuition and thought, ‘I’ll just make the exception this time,’ or I just haven’t listened to my gut, and every time that I’ve done that it always comes back to bite me. Your intuition is there for a reason. People will tell you to look at all the facts and the data and you most certainly do need to do those things, but your intuition is an incredibly powerful thing, and you need to learn to hone it, think about it, and trust it.

#3 ‘The Power of Visualisation’ It’s one thing to just think ‘I want this’, and a totally different thing to actually visualise what you want. I have always used the power of visualisation by physically writing down my goals and thinking very vividly about what I want to achieve. Since starting King Kong I have used vision boards, and I have continuously needed to change and adapt my goals as I continue to surpass them. Having the ability to visualise why you’re getting up early every day and pushing in the marketplace makes it real. You can see the end goal and you go out there and work your butt off and make it happen.

Favourite thing to do in order to de-stress?

Hands down, having an intense sauna session with eucalyptus oil for 30 minutes.

What do you think?

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