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Many female entrepreneurs are limited because they underestimate their potential to grow a solo business. In an effort to inspire and empower solo entrepreneurs, the international telesummit ‘Startup Small—Dream Big—Grow Fast’ will provide women with strategies to reach solo success.

The free online event, to be held from August 27-29, will hosted by entrepreneur Cas McCullough. As founder of the Ipswitch business Mumatopia, McCullough understands the limiting beliefs that can prevent women from achieving their personal and business goals.

“I’ve found, from my own experience, that women entrepreneurs are more likely to underestimate and undervalue themselves. By saying “I know I can only earn so much”, they really limit their potential. Those are the thoughts that I want to change,” she told Dynamic Business.

The telesummit will feature 9 inspiring women from across the globe who have singlehandedly grown their business, on their own terms. Each of the speakers will share practical tips that soloists can take away and put into practice immediately.

“We wanted to reach women in different parts of the world with different points of view, which is why we’ve included such diverse speakers. We’ve got women who are doing amazing things on the ground, as well as women with six to seven figure businesses,” said McCullough.

“We don’t want to overwhelm people with ‘rags to riches’ stories because, while they’re great, they can also make things seem really unattainable. We want women to really be able to say “I can do this”, she explained.

While each of the speakers are diverse in background, their advice is intended to be globally applicable.

“I don’t think it matters whether you run a small craft business and work the local markets, or whether you want to grow into a larger corporation further down the track. Somebody will be able to take something out of every talk, and apply it to their business,” McCullough assured.

The telesummit is the first event of this magnitude that the Mumatopia founder has organised- a task which didn’t come without its doubts.

“I thought, ‘I’m not a millionaire, who am I to be running something like this?’ But the truth is, I work from home like a lot of the women that we’re reaching out to through the telesummit. So I had to say, ‘Well why not me? Why can’t I do this?’ And there was absolutely no reason why I couldn’t do this successfully. It comes back to those limiting thoughts, and the need to overcome them,” McCullough explained.

“We want more women to succeed and, at the end of the day, we want them to see success on their terms. It’s not just about doing well financially, or breaking through the glass ceiling. It’s about inspiring women to realise their potential, in a way that fits in with the life that they want to live,” she added.

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Carly McKenna

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