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National research reveals SMEs’ top five funding frustrations

Around 9 out of 10 Australian SMEs are frustrated about their business funding, naming onerous loan conditions, having to provide property security and a...

Experiences are the way to capture the hearts (and wallets) of bank customers

Byline: Todd Handcock, President, Asia Pacific, Collinson Banks are facing increasing pressure to grow their business in the era of digital disruption and open innovation. Profound...

Banks rejecting SMEs for finance

The challenge of securing bank finance is seeing a growing number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) turn to online lenders. One in four...

Stay savvy with business loans and save

Staying with a Big 4 bank could cost you $6,007 in extra interest on a $250,000 business loan over 5 years The average...

Regulated investment fund provides an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency

INVESTORS now have an opportunity to indirectly invest in cryptocurrency assets following today’s launch of the Helio Secured Income Fund – a regulated Managed...

ASIC report provides small business lenders with guidance on unfair contract terms laws

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has released a report detailing changes made by the big four banks to remove unfair terms from...

“We’re helping SMEs navigate the lending market for the best loan outcome,” says ebroker CEO

Due to the ‘gigantic profits’ banks derive from processing the ‘lion’s share’ of home loans in Australia, traditional lenders haven’t had a compelling case...

NAB “first off the mark” with shorter, plain English loan contracts for small businesses

National Australia Bank’s decision to introduce shorter, plain English loan contracts for small business borrowers has been welcomed by the Australian Small Business and...

Study reveals SMEs spend 10 days per year managing finances

The Commonwealth Bank has introduced a Real-time Alerts feature for their Business Transaction Accounts following a new study that revealed small businesses spend more...

Lending competition opens up opportunities for business owners

Increased competition between the major banks on new lending following the global financial crisis is opening up a new opportunity for stable businesses seeking access to finance.

How to reinvigorate your business in 2014-15

One of the keys to shake-up your business in the new financial year is to keep your records up to date. Doing this increases...

Better control needed in SMB rising costs, here’s how

One of the most common issues faced by small businesses is keeping control of the businesses finances and ensuring that the business continues to be profitable.

Loan agreements – 6 key clauses to watch

Businesses enter into loan agreements on a regular basis, but it’s crucial that that you review any loan agreement you sign off on.

Govt’s Super Clearing House marks $1bn

The federal government’s Super Clearing House has marked a $1 billion milestone making payments on behalf of small business.

Cash rate remains unchanged at 2.75%: RBA

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has left the record-low cash rate unchanged at 2.73 per cent following its monthly meeting today – what does it mean for you and your business?

New financial year resolutions

Today marks the very first day of the new financial year, and a mid-year opportunity to start afresh – here’s 5 easy things to keep in mind.

Cash flow tips for fast growth SMEs

With insolvency rates at a record high, how SMEs manage their cash flow will have a major impact on their business survival. Here are 4 tips on improving your cash flow.

Why SMSF loan for property acquisitions?

Real Estate property investment through SMSF loans is no doubt the most tax-savvy and smartest way to improve the total return on investment of a superfund.

Credit card holders in debt ’til 2037

While credit card use has slowed down, many Aussie credit card holders are holding onto their debt. RateCity predicts it could take over 24 years to pay off current debts.

ANZ announces promise to lend $1bn to Aussie start-ups

ANZ Bank recently announced their plan to lend $1 billion to new businesses to demonstrate their commitment to Australia's small business sector.